Unable to apply External Libraries for mfa tests (Mac)

Following the primer on implementing a 2FA solution for automated tests described here: https://www.katalon.com/videos/automate-application-based-mfa/, I was introduced to the ability to import External Libraries into Katalon.
This is not working on the latest Mac Client (v.5.6.3) installed on MacOS 10.13.6

1. From Project/Settings/External Libraries, select your particular library
2. Click ‘Apply’

expected: Library imported successfully into the project

actual: First attempt after installing Katalon update, the app crashed, all following attempts, the button flashes with each click, but does nothing.

Anyone else tried this recently and see the same thing?

- Ryan


Modifying the External jar files is a fragile operation. Deleting a jar from Katalon causes various curiosities.

I would not explain why. Just I would recommend you to:

  1. shutdown Katalon Studio, restart it and re-try operating on the External Libraries.
  2. if your problem still exists, shutdown Windows OS and reboot, restart Katalon

Thanks for the response - fix was to remove .jar, restart Katalon Studio and walk through the process again (also, this for on MacOS, frt)