Unable to add Verification of Text using ctrl+k for a value


When i try to do Ctrl+K for the below text am not able to find the text in the expected value. Is it because the text has double quotes and comma in between. Could you please suggest some ways to include such text in verification.

“tax or credit liens within the past five years”,
“entities including temporary labor\nplacement, NPEOs (Non Professional Employment Organizations), temporary support, leasing,\ntemp-to-hire staffing, contract-to-hire staffing”,
“fostering and/or adoption of animals”,
“Services (up to 20% of receipts is acceptable)”,
"Transportation of animals,
“Use\nof crematorium/dencinerator equipment”,
“Vacant or occupied properties”]

Here is the verification step that is getting added with empty value for the above text when i try to do Ctrl+K

WS.verifyElementPropertyValue(response, ‘[0].Com_App[1].Content[0].Com_Desc[1]’, ‘’)