Unable to activate with complex password

I use a password manager to generate complex passwords for all websites and userids. When I try to activate Katalon Studio, it gives me a message saying “userid or password invalid”, yet I can log into the website with that combination ok. If I change my password to only use a subset of special characters (in particular, excluding apostrophe and quotation mark), it works.

Could you please share with us a sample password that causes the issue (not your actual password)? Were you using any custom keyboard or input method?

How do I do that, please, Alex? I.E. how do I get it to ask me to authorise again?

No special input method - just paste into the input box.

I meant if you still keep the old “complex password”, you can share its characters with us.

I think the password that failed was:


In similar experiences in other websites, I find apostrophes and quotes generally cause problems, but this one doesn’t seem to have those.

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i closed this as it is inactive