Ubuntu GUI mode Required

Perviously i used to test by Selenium IDE currently its not supported for last version so i find out Katalon to use but Katalon console mode is difficult to run so i wanna a know when GUI mode will you release for Ubuntu and another one Katalon Automation Recorder can you provide start from middle because if something fails in middle we can ignore and continue from next step its very helful for us

Please provide as soon as possible Ubuntu GUI mode because its very help full to test Android, API testing and all

Hi @Sample,

Thank you for using Katalon toolset. I have logged Ubuntu GUI request for internal discussion. As the suggestion for Katalon Automation Recorder, I’d recommend using Katalon Studio. You can execute at any steps within the test case and even set Errors Handling based on your preferences.

Check out this guide for more details.

Let us know if have any other issues. We are happy to help!

Happy Holidays!