Two Dropdown list or more

Hi I am new to katalon, I am using katalon studio.

I use Record Web, I record and save the test, but when I run the test I get an error.
What happens is that when an item is selected from a drop-down list and immediately selecting another item from another drop-down list, it does not perform the second selection
The lines that appear in katalon are:
Click mat-icon_keyboard_arrow_down
Click span_Client
Click mat-icon_keyboard_arrow_down
Click span_Matrix
Click mat-icon_keyboard_arrow_down
Click span_Dueno

When you perform the test, you only make the first selection but the other 2 do not make them, it goes to the first drop-down list, it does not mark any error and the expected result is not obtained.

When you click, does a drop-down GUI appear? You may have a situation in which the drop-down GUI of the first one is interfering with clicking on the second. You could put a small delay or wait statement between clicking on one drop-down and the second.
WebUI.waitForElementClickable(TO#2, 10)

Just a note that if the drop-down is associated with a select tag, then there are options available to you, such as:
WebUI.selectOptionByValue(TO, aValueAttribute, false)
WebUI.selectOptionByLabel(TO, oneLabel, false)

Hello, thanks for the support, I did what you recommended, but the situation continues.
What happened is that the fields had the same name so I didn’t know which one I was referring to, what I solved was that each field was given an identifier to avoid the situation.