Token Authentication, Verify JSON response element present, ENV setup

Hello Guys,

I’m very new to Katalon Studios. Working on setting up an API project. I have few questions, appreciate if you could help me with below.

  1. We have to generate a Token using a GET api call that will be valid for 30mins, which then will be used as Authentication Token to test remaining API calls. So in Katalon api project, How can I pass that generated token to the remaining test cases(For ex: If I have 30 testcases that required Token authentication, how can I generate token once and use it for all test cases instead of generating token on very test case.(Attached screenshot for reference) )

  2. How can I verify if a particular tag/element is present in the JSON response body. (I know about verifyElementValue but not verifyElementPresent)

  3. Is there a better way to organize project structure (refer screenshot attached) I have DEV,INT,VAL and PROD environments.

  4. What is the best way to collect evidence to show it as test evidence to Managers. (For ex: I used to take screenshot on Postman window to attach the evidence to Manager)

  1. Authentication Token

Have you checked this video

  1. Verify JSON response


I guess these are a set of Hostnames.

You want to create 4 Execution Profiles named DEV,INT,VAL,PROD. They contain a GlobalVariable “Hostname” and associated values like “”, “”, “” and “”.

Your code will refer to the GlobalVariable.Hostname. See

When you run your test, you choose one of the Execution Profile. Then you can apply a single set of test scripts to 4 different environments

  1. Managers

They should be happy and satisfied if they got Test Report via Email, aren’t they? See

If not, you need to discuss with them and clarify what they want.