Tip: Temporary FIX for those spamming bastards

Paste this in the console of your browser:

$("a[href*='miss9900-com']").closest("li").css({"display": "none"})

So annoying :’( Thanks :slight_smile:


Today we need your fix again.

Today we have two hrefs to hide the spams. Following command will do the job:

$("a[href*='ynj73833'],a[href*='gcb36382']").closest("li").css({"display": "none"})

Hi Kazurayam … Curious to know which website are you talking about. Please share the URL.

In 2018 the previous Katalon Forum system experienced a series of spam attacks.

In Dec 2018 Katalon Team moved the forum to a new platform which we use today. See Katalon forum is upgrading to a new platform. Stay tune!

The previous URL is no longer there.

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Thanks Kazurayam … for your prompt reply. I get it now. :smile: