[Tip] How to Speed up Katalon Studio on Windows 10

For a while I have noticed that the load time for Katalon on Windows 10 was substantially longer than the load time for Windows 7. I knew also that Win10’s protection system is much more aggressive and pervasive than Win7. So, today, I decided to fix the problem.

First, what do I mean by “load time”?

The time it takes to start Katalon.exe, open a project (in my case, a quite large project) and wait for Katalon to finish preparing the IDE so it’s ready to be used. <<< Load Time.

The exclusions I added changed my load time from >4 minutes to less than a minute. A big difference!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Open Settings (right click Windows Start menu, choose Settings)
    Windows Settings appears

  2. Click Update & Security
    Windows Update appears

  3. On the left, click Windows Security -
    Windows Defender Security Center appears

  4. Scroll down to Exclusions, click Add or remove exclusions
    The Exclusions window appears

  5. For each the following instructions, you need to click the big + button ( + Add an exclusion), choose Folder, then add each of the following folders:

  6. Add your Katalon installation folder

  • for me that’s C:\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.1.2
  1. Add your Katalon Project folder(s) C:\users\user-name\Katalon Studio
  • for me that’s C:\users\russ\Katalon Studio
  1. Add C:\users\user-name\.groovy

  2. Add C:\users\user-name\.katalon

@devalex88 Did I miss any?


Thank you for the tip - it reminds me that our company always replace Windows Defender with a third party antivirus software. Let me try this myself.