[TIP] How to help reduce memory consumption in Katalon Studio v6.3.0 and above

1. Always update Katalon Studio to the latest version.

Starting in v6.3.0 and the later version, Katalon team will carefully focus on Katalon Studio UI, UX and performance. Especially in v6.3.0, Katalon Studio has improved the issue when working with multiple variables in Test Case, Global Variable. If your project has many variables to work with, Katalon Studio v6.3.x is the version you need.

2. Edit katalon.ini file

Open katalon.ini then add these JVM options:


These options will help Java Garbage Collector manages the unused objects better and reduce JVM heap size.

We tested on a Windows 10 PC, worked on our JIRA sample project for an hour with multiple test cases, open some larges test data, run sequential many test suites and test suite collections and observe the memory of Katalon Studio.

  • Before:
    The memory consumption is about 600MB at the start, increases to 800-1200-2000 MB when scripting, recording and running tests.

  • After:
    The memory consumption is about 400MB at the start, increase to 600-800 MB when scripting, recording and running tests.

3. Clear the terminated executions frequently

If you have a long working day with Katalon Studio, the Job Progress may be filled up with many execution histories that also makes Katalon Studio takes more memory than usual. The advice here is pressing the recycle bin button to clear all terminated execution history.



This topic may help you work better with Katalon Studio but this is not that all. Katalon team is still working and spending our effort to bring many improvements to Katalon Studio via our coming releases.
If you are interesting with this topic, we recommend you share your heap dump profile, some screenshots of Katalon Studio memory consumptions, we will investigate your cases.

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@duyluong Thanks for sharing the tips! I will be trying them out and check if there are any significant changes to the occasional not-very-smooth UI, UX performance from Katalon. Happy to know you all are working to bring many improvements to KStudio.

I am keen on understanding how can one “share heap dump profile”. As of today, I know of only one method which is using jmap. It is as follows,

To capture a heap dump using jmap we need to use the dump option:
jmap -dump:[live],format=b,file=<file-path> <pid>
Note: for users not aware of jmap - it is a tool to print statistics about the memory in a running JVM.

Thank you for your time. Cheers.




That’s the heap status after katalon was left idle for two days. Previous releases would have been showing ~18nn/2048 after that kind of time period.

Keep up the good work and thank you!


UPDATE: plus ten hours:



To whom it may concern,

Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 is enhanced to reduce memory consumption by adding some JVM options.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try version 7.0.0 (beta) in advance.