Timing out when using selenium.type command

I have a Text document with an XML script inside. There is a page on my company’s website with a text area in which one enters XML scripts. I used Katalon recorder to generate a nice selenium.type command in which I copy and paste the XML script from the notepad file into this text area field. It works fine with short XML scripts. But for some tests I need longer scripts. But when I use these the selenium.type command takes so much time to run that I received a " FAILED because (of) com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: Timed out waiting for action to finish" error message. I tried adding a a Thread.sleep(60000) command directly after the selenium.type command but it didn’t work. I know I can set the default wait time in the settings for a longer time, but that’s no good because I only need the longer time for this one location.
Any ideas? Thanks.