The Screen is hanging up after click a button

In my test case, I clicked a button and then the script stops. The screen hangs up as well.
I searched quite a few materials, but have no clues. Would some body have some suggestions to me?

Application: Katalon Recorder
HTML Button:

  • This is a button in a pop-up window. Expect click the button, the screen will close and the remaining scripts could be executed. However, the following script clicks the button, closes the window but stops.


You could try using the id attribute for the locator of the button

click | id=BTN_OK | |

Hi, thanks for your advice.
Actually I tried followings, but still the same.i.e. the screen was closed as if the button was clicked however the script/screen hangs.

click id=BTN_OK
runscript document.getElementById(‘BTN_OK’).onclick()

I am wondering if this is a bug.

I tried the same test case in Katalon Studio and it works fine.

I assume it is something not correct in Katalon Recorder. But anyway, it works now. : - )