The reason for using old Katalon versions

Hello all,

Out of curiosity, I’m wondering some of the reasoning behind using old Katalon versions. I usually lurk within the bug reports section of the forum and every now and again I see some of you mention that you are using old versions of Katalon. Sometimes even going back to 5.x.x versions.

Is this because of the way software is handled at your workplace, or is it just something where you don’t usually update unless all bugs are gone, or even is there some piece of functionality you are holding onto within that special version? I’m really interested in what you have to say!


One word: laziness :laughing:

If my setup is working, and I’m not looking for any new bells/whistles, I often don’t see the need to update. I will probably update whenever a dark theme is released, but until then, no need to worry about it!

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Ditto everything @Brandon_Hein said, plus…

Me too. And to answer your question, I soon get a “feeling” as to how a particular release (or chain of) are doing out in the wild. 6.2 for example seems to be a struggle for some people.

Personally, I have reason to hold back from 6.1.5 (I’m at 6.1.2) due to the Basic Report plugin. My reports are extensively customized, and I can’t afford any downtime right now rejigging anything just to put it back to how it was before (progress, yes, but jumping through hoops just to stand still? No thanks).

Also, something else has been bothering me - the lack of engagement from the devs of late. It seems the only team member engaging on anything like a regular basis is @ThanhTo. I’m not sure why that is but it certainly concerns me. I’m sure they’re all busy people, but time needs to be spent at least confirming receipt of bug reports.

…got off on a bit of a rant there, but it needs saying :confused:


Patiently waiting for the dark theme

I have noticed that myself… kind of strange, I wonder what it must be? Honestly I think I see you and @Brandon_Hein the most over in that section!