The pause command does not work

When I create a pause in my test case using the pause command, execution does not pause when it’s encountered. It doesn’t matter what value I enter for the pause, it’s not happening and my test fails when it doesn’t pause as needed.

We need more information regarding this… for me the following is working in Chrome?

pause |   | 2500
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I just realized from your post that the time value needs to be entered in the Value field, not the Target. In Selenium IDE, the Target field is used for the amount of time to pause. Thanks.

Hi. Just want to inform that since 3.4.7 both “pause | | 3000” and "pause | 3000 | " works. Thank you all for the discussion.

I just installed latest chrome plugin and it failed

[info] Executing: | pause | | 500 |

[error] Unknown command: pause

[info] Executing: | pause | 10 | |

[error] Unknown command: pause

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I have the same error as described by krishna81m before me.