The Onboarding Game - June 19, 2023

Hi Newcomers, :wave:

Welcome to our second Community Onboarding game. This is a great opportunity for you to not only get to know other forum members and our team, learn and test your knowledge of how our forum works, but also to get rewarded as well! :gift:

Before we start, however, we just want to stress that only the following members who joined our forum in the last two (2) weeks will be able to join this Onboarding game… :point_down:

List of new members who are eligible to join the game


Now without further ado, let’s get started! :partying_face:

:trophy: Quest details :trophy:

Main quest - Into the Forum / Baby step

Here are what you need to do:

  1. Read through the following resources:
  1. Take our quiz in the link below to test what you have learned. After completing the quiz, take a screenshot of the end screen, and post it here.

:alarm_clock: Deadline :alarm_clock:

By 2023-06-30T16:59:00Z

:information_source: Deadline does not applies for the Side quest.

Side quest

Simply collect all of our Common badges (you will know if you have acquired said badge by a :white_check_mark: mark), then reply to this thread with a screenshot of them badges to collect extra rewards!

:gift: Rewards :gift:

Main quest

The three (3) fastest members who:

  • Complete the quiz with no wrong answer

…will be able to win a $10 Amazon US eGift Card each. :money_with_wings:

Side quest

You will get a $20 Amazon US eGift Card if you collect all of our Common badges!

The clock starts now, we will send you periodic reminders in case you forget to join our Onboarding game. If you have any question, feel free to ask us below.

And lastly, may the odds be ever in your favor! :v:


Q: Wait, I have already collected the Common badges long ago, can I still get the reward?
A: Of course, follow the steps below to get your reward:

  • Take a screenshot of your acquired badges, and
  • Send it to via a PM (personal message).

Q: Why only those members from two weeks ago? I want in as well! :frowning_face:
A: This is a new initiative that we are taking on to help new members smoothly settle on our forum; hence, we are trying it out with a small number of members, and we do apologize if you did not make the cut. However, we do have quite a lot of recurring rewards program, as well as Giveaway events here and there, so be sure to check in our forum regularly to get the latest updates! :wink:


Hi there @newcomers, don’t forget to join in our Onboarding Game to get a $10 Amazon eGift Card on us!

We are also running a Giveaway in the thread below, don’t miss out on the chance to win up to a Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones when you enter :star_struck:




Congrats @udeepak and @Shakkir on completing the Main Quest! :partying_face:

If you are feeling ambitious, feel free to also complete the Side Quest as well :wink:




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will give a try :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for joining our Onboarding Game!

Unfortunately, no one has managed to get all the questions right this time; hence, no one will be getting the Main Quest’s prize.

However, you can still get a $20 Amazon US eGift Card if you do manage to collect all of our Common badges

If you have already acquired the Common badges, then simply:

  • Take a screenshot of your acquired badges, and
  • Send it to via a PM (personal message).

And now the answer to some of the questions that you got wrong :point_down:

1. How many Kudos points do you need to exchange for a $60 Amazon US eGift Card from us?

The correct answer is 500

2. Who was the one that sent you the first message to welcome you to our forum?

The correct answer is @discobot. While it is not a person, but it can give you a few tips & tricks to get around our forum. Simply mention @discobot in this thread to summon it!

3. Which area of the forum can you go to to see all the newly created topics?

The correct answer is New. This one is a bit tricky, since newcomers often cannot distinguish between New and Latest. Below are two ways that can help you tell the difference between them:

  • The New area ONLY show newly created topics within 2 days relative to the current time, and that there are little to no replies to the topic.
  • The Latest area shows changes to topics regardless of how old they are. For example, if you reply to a topic that have not been answered to since 2020, then said topic will show up in Latest.

4. You can use […] and BBCode to format you text when creating or editing a topic/post

The correct answer is Markdown. You can also use a little bit of HTML while editing your post/topic, for example, this word is big, while this word is small.

5. How many points could you earn by having one of your replies marked as a solution?

The correct answer is 15.


can you please tell me which of my answer was not correct,I think i got everything correct

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Hi Shakkir,

Below is the question that you got wrong:

1. You should not post […] information on Katalon Community
→ The correct answer is Sensitive.

You only got the question above wrong and was so close. But hey, you still have the Side quest, and many more surveys to fill, and badges to collect on our forum! :wink:


hows mine :crossed_fingers:


oh it passed deadline already and im not one of the eligible user lol :joy:


Well, you are in luck because we have turn this Onboarding game into a recurring activities for all newcomers!

You can head over the topic below to find out more :point_down:


do I need to take another quiz or not ?


Yes, please! Thanks!