The new Scripts folder

With the introduction of the 5.7 - how is the new Include/Scripts/Groovy folder is different from the existing Keywords folder?

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Please read this guide first :slight_smile:

Scripts folder is used to define a Step Definition in BDD framework


Well that’s a shame – and a design mistake, IMO.

Why is the parent node for BDD called something so generic like “Include”? Why not “BDD” or “BDD Resources”?

The content of the Include folder should be dynamic and reflect whatever is found on disk – i.e. BDD should be a subfolder of Include that contains the structure as documented. What you have now is a scaling/upgrading issue when Katalon wants to incorporate yet another technology (YAT) in the future.

- Include
  - BDD
    + features
    + scripts
  - YAT
    - stuff

Can people that don’t use BDD remove the node via settings? (There’s a few of things I’d like to remove from the Project Explorer.)


Hi @4015-Russ,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We agree! You’ve made a valid point about the limitation of the script folder. We have taken a note of it for future releases consideration.

Initially, we decided to roll out BDD Framework Testing capability to our users as fast as possible with a reasonable engineering cost. The reason for that is we can get early feedback and see how well the feature would fit our user needs. Then, we will make changes in the later releases.

However, we do have plans to make Katalon Studio more dynamic and flexible in the future where users can work with various frameworks, programming languages, IDE customization, etc. We will keep you posted with further updates.

We very much appreciate your time and inputs!