Text equal to one or another?

Is there a way or workaround to tell if text in one spot is equal to one of two possible answers? I am trying to find a workaround for a question I posted yesterday (Scroll through table to verify at least one answer is there). I figured I can at least verify there aren’t zero records found and have used verifyNotText to do so. But now I just wanted to verify that a field is equal to either the text “Black” or “White.” Is there a way to verify text is equal to more than one possibility? As in

verifyText | target | “black” or “white”

or verify text in (“black”, “white”) like you might do in a database query?

Logically, that seems to be the same as:

text == “black” || text == “white”

But what I don’t know is if Katalon Recorder will let you do it. Maybe with some parentheses???

assertEval | ${text} == black || ${text} == white | true

The equivalent of an OR can be implemented with if ... elif.
Sort of:

if verify1
else if verify2