TestSuiteRecord what does it do?

Looking for some Documentation on TestSuiteRecord (com.katalon.platform 1.0.16 API) . The Javadoc is blank. What does it do and How do I use it?


Can you give me a link where you find that API?


I actually don’t have a link because I generated it directly from my Eclipse Environment. I cloned the git repo from here:

Then I imported this into Eclipse as a Maven Project. I simply used the Javadoc for the dependencies to try to make sense of the documentation. Pictures are shown below.


If there is somewhere that the Actual documentation is located, that would be helpful. I’m sorry if this isn’t much to go on, I’m not especially competent in Maven to be able to actually export the documentation into a web page.

The source of the katalon-studio-platform project is here:

Possibly you can build it and generate the javadoc by Maven:

$ git clone https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio-platform.git
$ cd katalon-studio-platform
$ mvn javadoc:javadoc
$ ls com.katalon.platform/target/site/apidocs

I do not know if the javadoc is already published at any public URL.

So back to my original Question, then. How do I figure out what this (or any of the un-documented) interfaces does?

Also the Integration Interface, what does that do?