TestSuite with 127 tests freezes

Hi dears!
I am currently faced with random stops of testings while iterating all tests of my testsuite.
The testsuite is currently filled with tests regarding my interface. These tests are simple GET/POST operations with some data in my request bodies. Each test has a small groovy script which tests only the content of each response text.

Sometimes the testing stops randomly at test 60, or at test 69 or test 90 … of 127. I switched the JRE to another JRE installed on my PC. I also increased the heap size of JAVA globally (JAVA_OPTS environment variable) and via katalon.ini file the size of used memory in katalon.

But all these things didn’t help.
What could be the reason for these freezes / these stops???

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

Have you looked at the logs for diagnostics?

Thanks for the response - where I can find the logs on a windows 10 system?

In the Log Viewer:

In the Console:

And in the ErrorLog:

Wow! Thanks a lot for the screenshots!!

I checked again my Katalon freezes here on my PC … and I found out that the freezes are only happened within the log viewer.

Based on your screenshots, I can see in the “console” tab that all my tests (number: 127) of my current testsuite are executed correctly and all of them can be finished successfully.

But within the “log viewer” the output freezes randomly at test (about) 65 … some times 67… sometimes at 69 … of all 127 testcases.

I guess that after a specific time after a successful run of my test, the output within the “log viewer” tab is simply stopped.

So I can say now that the output of the “log viewer” and the log output within “console” tab are not in sync.

What can I do now???

The HTML report created by KATALON is absolutely ok - after finish the tests.

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I don’t understand what you wrote here. Could should you show us some screenshot that presents how “in the “log viewer” the output freezes” occurs.


The problem may come from Log Viewer. Please share the report folder and the execution log with us, we will investigate later.

For the workaround, you can try to disable Log executed test step in Project Settings/Execution


Do you have Katalon Studio Enterprise license? If yes you can try disabling “Log executed test steps”.

But if you do not have the license, you can’t. I am afraid, I should advise those who want to drive a large scale test (like you @artsoft) should not use Katalon Studio Free version.

You don’t need the Log Viewer, do you? You can detach and close the Log Viewer widget. Then it wouldn’t disturb you any more. Even in the Katalon Studio Free version you can close it.