TestSuite Log Record appears to be broken in 7.6.0


TestSuite Log Record appears to be broken in 7.6.0.

When executing TestSuite, if a TestCase A is calling another TestCase as one of its step then if TestCase A is failed or in error futur TestCases executed as part of this TestSuite execution will be considered (logging wise) as steps of Test Case A.

The problem is visibile in LogViewer, TestSuite Result and finally the produced execution0.log file is also corrupted. In short, reporting ability is absolutly wrecked by this bug.

Comprehenive screenshots ands log are provided below.

Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

KS 7.6.0

Screenshots / Videos

For exemple here is a TestSuite containing 3 TestCases. Each TestCase is a simple assertion false == true. When executed, everything is fine

Now each TestCase is a call to another TestCase with a simple comment keyword call. Everything is still fine

Finally, each TestCase calls the Comment TestCase and then the assertion. Second and third TestCases are then displayed as steps of the first one.

Here is the execution log of this last scenario:
execution0.log (45.8 KB)

Edit: redacted some info on screenshots

Hi @laurent.mangin

We got the issue and will release the hot-fix soon.

Thanks for your report

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Hi @laurent.mangin

We’ve release 7.6.1 which contains the fix for this problem. Please try it out !


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.