Tests running slowly in local environment

I am running tests that are pointed towards a remote production environment. However, I am to the point were I need to write tests for the settings page. In order to not take the system down accidentally by changing a setting, I am running these tests against a version of the website that is running locally. It is running on the same machine as Katalon Studio.

When running against the production environment, everything seems to run fine in a timely manor. When I run against the local version, it takes much, much, longer to run.

Here is a screen shot of running on the remote production server:

Here is a screen shot of running locally with Smart Wait enabled:

And here is a screen shot of running locally with Smart Wait disabled:

As you can see, the culprit appears to be the Smart Wait. However, if I disable this, then the rest of the tests fail due to elements not being interactable or even existing yet.

Anyone know why this would happen only when testing against the local environment?

Project Settings → Execution:

Project Settings → Execution → WebUI:

What is the URL of the remote production server and the local environment?
Do you have any Proxy in between browser and those hosts?
Can you open these 2 URLs in browsers manually (not by running katalon tests) ?
Is your browser configured to use a PAC (Proxy Auto Configuration) file?