TestRail plugin fails to integrate

When creating a dynamic test suite, test cases fail to populate within the test suite. We followed the integration steps here:

At first, the test cases did appear when pressing “preview” and the test case ids that we added manually executed properly.

We built a new project in TestRail, matched the names of the test run/test suites/test cases and changed the project number in the Katalon properties windows – and received a “success” message when testing the integration.

Then when we tried to run a new dynamic test suite, none of the test cases could be added when previewing – or when searching or adding manually.

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Can anybody clarify a Testrail plugin syntax with examples, please?
I’m having an empty list with id, name or whatever.
I have tried to stick to the next guide:


I was not succeeded with the Testrail plugin as a query builder to compose a dynamic test suite: it just doesn’t work.
I have downloaded the Built-in plugin and it works well.

One more thing.
I know that this is a query, so it has some restrictions, but that is awful that I can’t set my own test case order in the test suite.