TestRail Integration

Hi Jass,
Thanks for the information. At the moment we are evaluating Katalon for implementation at our company. Testrail plays an important part for the evaluation. And at the moment we are indeed unable to get the plugin working. So it would be very nice if we would be able to test the Testrail plugin before our evaluation period ends.

Hi @tims,

We’ve published a new version of TestRail plugin to be compatible with the APIs changes on Katalon Store. Download version 1.1.1 here.

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Hello Shin,
Thanks for the great support. I’ve tried it and it works fine now. This helps us a lot in further evaluation of Katalon.
Excellent job! :slight_smile:


Hope someone can help me with this request.

Is there a way for someone to update a Test Plan with new Test Runs using the Testrail plugin?

We would like to integrate Katalon into our test toolchain. However, the TestRail Cloud version has been in a catastrophic state for over a year, often severely limiting the productivity of many TestRail customers. As you can read in the TestRail forum, many customers want to switch back to the server version or are even looking for alternatives. I am sure that one or the other user here can confirm my statement. Since we depend on a reliable test management tool, we deliberately continue to use the TestRail Server version and will by no means switch to TestRail Cloud. This is where the circle closes. Since the Katalon plugin is not offered for the TestRail Server version, this also excludes us from integrating with Katalon. I would like to point out that integration with TestRail is an important factor when evaluating an end-to-end test platform. There is a risk that even more potential customers will not use Katalon due to the lack of integration with TestRail Server. What is the roadmap for Katalon? Is integration with TestRail Server planned again in the future? Why is only TestRail Cloud supported? What is (currently) preventing integration with TestRail Server?

What is preventing you to write your own listeners to integrate your test suites with testrail server?
Are just RestFull API calls …
see: https://www.gurock.com/testrail/docs/api/getting-started/accessing/

On the other side, I am not sure why it is documented that this plugin is not working with Testrail Server (on-prem install).
The API does not look to change much, only some features are different, e.g on cloud there is a rate limiting in place, to upload attachment you need at least version 5.7 etc … but mostly is the same.

Have you tried?
As far as I can see in the plugin documentation, you can set the testrail URL, username and password.
Simply use the proper credentials and give it a try.

No, we haven’t tried it yet. Also, why should we invest time for this when TestRail Server is clearly excluded in the requirements of the Katalon plugin? Currently we are using TestRail Server 7.0.1 and the API has indeed changed fundamentally in the cloud version from version 7.2. https://discuss.gurock.com/t/bulk-api-endpoint-changes-coming-soon/19537 So I assume that the current plugin will indeed not work because it already uses the new API.

What prevents us from writing our own listeners?

If we’re going to shell out money when buying an end-to-end test platform, we also want it to integrate into our toolchain as easily and smoothly as possible and with full official support.Without having to implement and maintain any hacky workarounds ourselves every time either Katalon or TestRail changes anything.

Then, raise your questions through the business channels.
The forum is mostly community supported, we are here for fun and free of charge.
I thought you are looking for solutions, if you are not happy with the product you pay for, use the additional tools enabled with the payment.

Sorry for bothering such ‘visionary’ managers …

any update?

Hi Jass,

My team needs exactly what you’ve described.
Is there a chance to implement this in the near future?

BR, Andrei

Are you a licensed user?
If so, rise a ticket with busisnes support.
Otherwise, contact Gurock and implement your own sollution.