TestRail Integration


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Katalon team it would be good if you can add steps in details .


Is there anymore documentation? Perhaps on what the TestRail side should look like?


Using the plugin I still cannot make it to update the test status in Test Rail. We use Milestones and TestRuns reside under them. I am quite sure Test Suite naming R… doesn’t map to TestRail TestRun. If I name a Test Suite S… in Katalon then it creates a new test run in Test Rail, but no test results show up.

What is the correct way to map a Test Suite in Katalon to a Test Run in Test Rail?

Please, can anyone give an example?

Test results were not updated with TestRuns under Milestones

@Vijay_Singh @thester Thank you for you request. We will include more information in the documentation.


Is there a way to use testrail plugin in katalon docker image ??


Not working :frowning:
Have follow the instruction still not update testrun on testrail


any update? documentation not working for me


I followed the documentation and noticed that the TestRail ID is not part of the Integration section for a test suite anymore. It is, however, in the Integration section for test cases. I tried putting a test case ID there for a test case in Katalon and running a test. Nothing showed up in TestRail. I did ensure that the plugin could login okay first. I tried both with and without the leading alphanumeric character for the TestRail test case ID. No runs appeared in TestRail. I tried renaming the test case to the format R<TestRail_TestCaseID> and running again. No runs appeared in TestRail.

Any ideas?


Katalon team it would be good if you can add steps in details please!! for me it’s not working :frowning:


I want to curse this documentation, nothing is clear at all. so tired of following him. :(:sob::sob:


@januari i wish you luck with reading testrail documentation.
you will see, it can be worse :smiley:


I am already done to following testrail documentation, now I want to integrate Katalon to testrail. I am following this documentation, but not working for me.

I am following two documentation for katalon:

  1. https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/testrail-integration.html
  2. https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/katalon-testrail-integration.html#create-katalon-studio-test-cases-to-handle-communication-between-katalon-studio-and-testrail


Removing the alphabet from the start of the test case ID did the trick for me. It worked!


Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your feedback. An updated version of the document is available with more details about the tutorials and examples. Please check it out and in case you fail to follow the steps, feel free to raise your voice.




Hi @Jass

I want to ask something, I am already subscribed TestRail,
Do I have to subscribe to the Katalon plugin too?

Thank you


Hi @januari

The answer is yes. You need to subscribe to use the TestRail Integration plugin. This plugin helps you integrate Katalon Studio with your favorite tool and extends Katalon Studio’s capabilities. Please visit our Store for further information.




Hi @Jass

So I am must subscribe both?
Plugin Testrail on Katalon and TestRail also


Hi @januari

We cannot represent TestRail to say anything about their subscription. But I can confirm that you need to subscribe to use TestRail Integration plugin.