TestOps License Usage Report

The TestOps website has “License Usage” report. It also has an API to retrieve the same data.

Challenge: I need to create trend reports on the license usage so I can justify growing the team and adding new licenses.

Steps to create report
Open website and generate usage report. (https://analytics.katalon.com/organization/12345/admin/license_keys/kse)
I created a Katalon API to retrieve the data in json format based on “copy API” icon next to filter text box.
I executed the API and copied the data output from Katalon as is to a text file with json extension.
I imported the data into Excel from json file but I can’t do anything with it.

Office 365


I’m asking for your assistance.
Is there an easier way to import data into Excel from TestOps license usage?
Is the data returned by the Katalon API not suitable to copy/paste to a json file?

Future feature request: Create a report trend of usage over time by each user so I don’t have to use Excel.
Bonus feature request: Do not count idle Katalon license time if the idle timeout occurs. This means if the idle time is 2 hours then the usage for that session would be x-2 hours; where x is the usage for that day.

I appreciate any help you can give so that I can manage my team’s license and grow the team.