Test suite execution

Hi there,

I have a set of test cases put into a suit called ‘all tests’.
When the user sets the test off their main complaint is that the suite is not that quick.
In order to speed it up, I have removed any delays and replaced them with a wait for the page to load. The other request from the user is that the browser stays open after the first test.
My question to you is there any way that I can implement this rather than having to go through all the test cases, removing the open browser and close browser?

I have tried creating the following custom keyword that checks for the browser;

  • ‘public class newkeyword {
    public void setGetBrowser(java.lang.Object getBrowser){
    getBrowser = (‘ChromeDriver , FirefoxDriver , InternetExplorerDriver’);
    if (getBrowser == true){
    } ’ this doesn’t work and throws back a stack overflow error. Is there any way that you can help? any advice?

From release 5.3, we have developed various features to handle test listener. It is a good place to setup the test configuration before execution.