Test Suite Collection

Hi Oscar,

Were you able to find the solution, I’m also facing same issue, unable to change “Run with” to intended type. It is showing only “Web Service”.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hello @rajan.jims It seems like you have selected Web Service in the project type when setting up your project.

Please see this post

Unable to open browser with url: '' ... No driver is set for execution?

I am doing parallel execution of two suite in a collection, each suite with 15 test cases. But it is not starting from the 1st test case, in stead , it is running from the 10 TC. What can be the reason?

I have created a test suite and have added it twice to my Test Suite Collection so that the test cases run on both Chrome and Firefox in parallel. But I want the test data to be used alternately. For example, if the Firefox uses the test data 1 then Chrome should use test data 2, then firefox uses test data 3 and Chrome uses test data 4 and so on. Please help.

How can i run test suit collection on KRE? What is the command?

i found it. Katalon studio desktop app has “build cmd” command. That created command for me.

Hi, I have the same problem too! I added 4 test stuits to the test suite collection but only the first test suite is running. I wonder how to fix it?

I noticed Collections run with much less log output. How can I increase it?