Test Specification YAML for Katalon TestSuite Collection to run on AWS Device Farm

To run Katalon Script(Mobile) in AWS Device Farm

  1. I created a demo mobile (Android) Test Case using Katalon Studio and Android Emulator.
  2. Created a Test Suite and a Test Suite Collection.
  3. Then I Zipped the entire project using Test Plan feature
  4. I created a custom Run in AWS Device Farm
  5. Uploaded *.apk and Zipped file
  6. In the Test Specification I used command:
      katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console 
      -projectPath="$DEVICEFARM_TEST_PACKAGE_PATH/path to project/projName.prj" 
      -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/ForTesting/DemoTS-Collection" 
      -reportFolder=$DEVICEFARM_LOG_DIR below:


  1. Seems like my license is tied with a fixed machine ID(NODE-MODE) but AWS Environment needs FLOATING license.
  2. I am getting an error “Test Suite is not found”


  1. Is there any price difference if we want to change License mode to FLOATING
  2. Can we use the same license for both Mac and Linux systems
  3. How to set the path for TestSuite/TestSuite collection in the command syntax