Test Results spinning forever

Ok so, I’ve finally plugged in KA to my tests. I’ve got one test that ran and finished and apparently will forever be in an incomplete state. I’m probably just going to delete it, but I figured, as a QA, it was my duty to post a bug

Probably can’t resolve a 500 error on this…found the error in the log file:

KA: Unexpected response code from KA server when sending request to URL: https://analytics.katalon.com/api/v1/katalon-test-reports?projectId=7748&batch=1559918532750&folderPath=G2GSmoke%2F20190607_142551&isEnd=true&fileName=JUnit_Report.xml&uploadedPath=d4ee7a2a-c1a8-4681-a014-7568a6e54133. Actual: 500, Expected: 200
2019-06-07T14:42:24.2303988Z System is unable to send report to Katalon Analytics. Reason: com.kms.katalon.integration.analytics.exceptions.AnalyticsApiExeception: {"timestamp":1559918544223,"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","exception":"java.lang.IllegalStateException","message":"An internal error occurred. Please contact your system administrator.","path":"/api/v1/katalon-test-reports"}

Perhaps not, but it speaks to the underlying code not setting a reasonable timeout for completion. And the KA report itself, willing to wait for all eternity.


It happened again. I deleted the forever running ones but that doesn’t give me good analytics when I do that.

Hi @Amanda_Perkins1,

Please stop test executions that keep spinning and refresh, then manually upload them to Katalon Analytics if you still have this issue. We have already solved it before.


@Jass Sorry but how to manually upload the test results ?

I have last 2 major runs not uploaded because of Java memory heap error. I fixed the ini file to give more memory to Katalon but I want the 2 reports to be there uploaded. I only see re-import option sometimes but that doesn’t work.

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Hola @manpreet.mukkar

Please have a look at Upload Test Results from Katalon Studio for manually uploading test results.



@Jass The solution worked, but is there a way that the progress pop up shown when manually uploading the test results to be hidden. The reason why I am asking is becuase the report was too large some 1 GB and it blocked my computer for almost an hour.

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Hello @manpreet.mukkar,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider an option to hide the progress pop-up in Katalon Studio when test results are manually uploaded to Katalon Analytics.