Test Results are buried deep - multiple layers in directory folders

How can we fix it so that only the results folder is created and not have all the processing folders?

  1. After running Test Suite and viewing reports from Report folder
  • Results are buried deep
    C:\Backup-QAAtuomation\Reports\20200610_093521\Demo-TestSuite-June09\TestSuite-June09\20200610_093521\cucumber_report\1591796127061- viewing results for *.JSON and *.XML

  1. Using qTest Lunch and viewing Test Execution Results
  • Two results display for each automated test case

Yes, I feel your pain.

The way reports are constructed and stored forced me to write my own. I’ve documented (somewhat briefly) how I did that here on the forum in a few places.

Three Katalon developers have seen how I do my reports. @devalex88 said he was planning to implement something similar but that was a long time ago - maybe those plans got shelved?

Testers that write tests and the developers that rely on those tests, only really care about FAILS. To me, passes contain ZERO actionable information, they are just noise.

We need access to fails and causes of fails as a topmost, actionable item, FIRST.

You can see my single test case report here (and some explanation in the thread and Alex mentioning his plans).