Test Object xpath names cannot be updated

Tested in version 5.8.6

On a test object, when using the selection method XPath, you cannot update the name of the object xpaths. (i.e. xpath:link). In particular, this affects when you manually add an xpath, while you cannot put in the value, you cannot update the name. Fundamentally, this means that within the object definition, under , the element cannot be updated or changed.

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Using some necromancy on this post to state that this has also become an issue for me, especially given the findXpath() method in the TestObject class that requires a String for the name of the xPath. There is an element nested within one (er, four) of my TestObjects and I would like to store it within that Object rather than creating another TO (for specific context: I have a card as the entire object, and nested a few divs within is some text I would like to grab).

I thought I could be sneaky and add a < name>< /name> property in the .rs file, but unfortunately that made KS unable to open the object. I did discover that < useRelativeImagePath> is misspelled as < useRalativeImagePath>, so there is a silver lining :wink:

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