Test in webservice and chrome

Please let me know if the following is possible in a single test case. If yes, how!

  1. I have to Run a REST request. This will create a ‘Case’. (‘Case ID’ can be found in the response)
  2. We have to open the ‘Case ID’ in web browser (Chrome)


I am not sure what you mean by open a Case in web browser, is it like a URL ?

Assuming it is, please look at keyword WS.sendRequest which will send a request represented by a Test Object and returns a response. You can extract fields from this response using WS.getElementPropertyValue, and then use WebUI.openBrowser to open a URL (which probably is composed from the retrieved fields).

For more details, you’d probably have to try to create the flow yourself, and post the result of the attempt so that others can help pointing to the right direction.

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