Test Execution fails in new Windows 11?

Hi guys,
My surface just did an update to Windows 11… and it looks like Katalon stopped working right after that. Is it not supported yet? This will impact a lot of users.


Firstly, you’re posting in the wrong forum category – this is not a TestOps issue.

Secondly, after struggling to read that dark theme error report, it looks to me like your Chrome or its driver is out of date. Try updating one or both.

How did you come to that conclusion? The latest figures I could find were published by AdDuplex, where <5% of all Windows 10-or-11 PCs were using Win11. I suspect, though cannot prove, that a tiny and miniscule fraction of those are actually using Katalon.

The chromeDriver version with Win 11 is 95. Katalon seems to support upto 93. So it would likely work if I actually downgraded chromeDriver to 93… but that might cause issues with Win 11… just don’t want to go thru all that. When I tried to “update” - it said i have the latest version driver.

The ask is for Katalon to support Win 11/Chrome 95.

All our laptop went thru a auto-update to Win 11… so I suspect other windows device would likely go thru that in other organization. That isn’t the point, but seems like the upgrade was the cause of this.

I thought I posted this in Bug Reports… not sure how it got posted elsewhere.

Katalon supports the latest I believe. Mine is 95 (on Win10)

hmmm 2 different behavior…but that looks encouraging. Let me restart my surface… and try again.

At this stage, you found a correlation – but correlation is not causation :wink:

Hi All,

Please be informed you can now use Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine on computers running under Windows 11 from version 8.2.5 onwards. Download latest version from our Github Repo and give it a try!

Wonder what’s new in this update? Take a look at Release Notes 8.2.5.


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