Test cloud not launching with application

I am trying to run test cloud mobile spy or recorder and I just get stuck on starting application. It was working earlier in the day but nothing happens now


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Do you receive any error log and can you share which version have you been using?

I did not get any error log but the version I am using is 9.6.0. It was working this morning for a while but now I am getting the same issue again

Also checking TestOps it is showing a session running when no sessions are being used with test cloud


This seems to be an issue with sessions and the test cloud not releasing a session. As I only have one session this can cause major delays waiting for this to clear to continue my work. It seems more common when you get a failure on testing a script or you get a timeout. Maybe a way round this issue is to give the user a way of closing a session so you don’t face long delays as currently its quicker testing on a phone than using test cloud

I have also been experiencing the same issue. If a test fails part way through, or I close the spy/recorder, the session can sometimes still be active, for up to two hours or so after I last used it. This is a hindrance to our workflow and not indicative of the quality I come to expect from a product like Katalon. Either there should be more controls in place to ensure testcloud sessions are closed when no longer in use, or perhaps some kind of control in testops to allow users to kill their active testcloud sessions.


Can you please your app - iOS or Android? and other information about the device. I will ask my team for more information

@john.collin please give me your orgID and Katalon email for further checking. Thank you.

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