Test Case Management With Tags

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I think I understand the strategy with Tags to build a Test Suite and/or Test Suite Collection from the Katalon console. Does Katalon have a roadmap item to execute tests using Katalonc with an argument for tags? Thus bypassing the need for Test Suite or Test Suite Collection?

I would like to build a Jenkins job and mention the tests directly using tags.

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We have similar need as well, I filed a feature request for this. Add ability to specify test case Id and other query criteria to a dynamic test suite via command line. In my feature you still need to make a Dynamic Test Suite, but if they added what I requested you could specify tests to run in addition to test ids through command line (though still using Dynamic Test Suite to do it).

These features are implemented in most open source frameworks, so I’m hoping they make it simpler for us rather than harder…

Is there some way or plugin available for reporting on test cases with tags? We’ve developed quite a library of test cases and we’re struggling with finding a way to report on them. A simple way to display test case properties (name, description) by tag would handle 95% of what we need to do.

It should support Include/Exclude tag feature via console mode. It’s great feature for CI