Test Case keeps saying file not found

Strange one here. One of my test cases started reporting that the groovy Script file “does not exist”. I can see the groovy file in the correct path, and the file contents can be loaded in notepad++. I created a new Test Case, copied the relevant section from old Test Case, and New test case loads fine in Katalon.

What causes this issue. Nothing in error log. File permissions are the same.


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Have you manually changed any pathing or names of the test case or scripts in explorer maybe?

Nope. Was working for months, then one day I opened the script and got this error.

Same problem after Katalon crashed:
“Resource …/Script1582915453572.groovy’ does not exist.”
But I can see and open the script file in VSCode.

I just got this very frustrating behaviour. I manually recreated the file and its variables with the same name, and the problem still occurs afterwards… I will try with a different name this time …

Somehow, renaming the folder where the ‘file that became unreadable by Katalon’ is, from lowercase to uppercase, makes the file temporarily readable in Katalon; only on the git branch on which I am renaming it. I save, push and commit, and then create a new git branch and pull that last change to see if it works, and it does NOT rename the folder to uppercase and so keeps failing !!

workaround solution : It turns out you have to rename both the folder in the Katalon UI and on the file system to make them match the uppercase / lowercase to make it work and then push and commit… Then pulling that will work… Also, sorry for the spam…

In short ; Katalon is case sensitive and Windows is not.


yes. can you please help me to change the path of script