Test case flow control within TestOps

I am looking at TestOps to replace Jenkins for the execution scheduler of my test cases. One of the nice features of Jenkins is the “Build after other projects are built - Projects to watch” which will not execute a build until the project to watch build is successful. I need this feature since my test suites are dependent on the prior test suite to complete successfully. For example, Create a set of reports - > Create enforced policies on those reports → Create alerts from those enforced policies, etc. If the Create reports test suite fails, no need to run the subsequent test suites.

Is there a way to do that type of flow control within TestOps scheduler?
Thanks for any info!

Hi @jmartinelli,

Thank you for your suggestion. This sounds very interesting indeed and we will consider this item for future development. Will get you notified if it’s live :smiley:.


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