Test Case Failure When Using 3 Call Session Cases, Successful When Run Without Call Test Cases

I am encountering a peculiar issue with one of the test cases in my Katalon Studio project. The specific test case consistently fails when I attempt to execute it using three call session cases. However, it works perfectly fine when I run the script without incorporating these call test cases.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch Katalon Studio.
  2. Navigate to the test case in question.
  3. Execute the test case by including three call session cases using the following syntax:
    Call Test Case ‘Test Case A’
    Call Test Case ‘Test Case B’
    Call Test Case ‘Test Case C’

Expected Outcome:
The test case should execute successfully regardless of whether call session cases are incorporated.

Actual Outcome:
When executing the test case with the three call session cases, the test case fails at a specific point. However, the test case executes successfully when run individually without using the call test cases

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It’s not specific until you SPECIFY it.

Please follow this advice, we’re not magicians able to see your code/errors from half way across the world: [TIP] How To Help Us Help You!

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You should apply wait among Call Test Case and also need to explain your specific point where your test cases is being failed.