Test an already installed app on the device (skipDeviceInitialization)

When using Katalon 6.1.1 is it possible to test an already installed app on the device (skip Mobile.startApplication). Have tried with the capability 'skipDeviceInitialization" but no success.


Please try

Mobile.startApplication('appPath', false) //false means KS will start the installed app.

skipDeviceInitialization will skip install Appium Settings or UiAutomation server, not skip install the app.

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Thanks for the reply.

In my situation we are installing the test-apps via a private app store. So the APK is not on my filesystem.
The best for me would be not using startApplication() cmd as it requires an an absolute/relative path to the apk file which would be installed.
I am starting the app under test via the app button on the home screen

Hi @mdmmzm,

You should be able to start the test with any apk file that you have on your system - the Sample Android Mobile Tests Project that comes with Katalon Studio has one. Then you can switch to the actual application you want using the DesiredCapabilities.

See this post for an example:

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Hi @Chris_Trevarthen
This helps. Thank you again!

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This is clunky. why do I need to initialize with an application that I have no intention of using? Isn’t there a way to start the automation without installing an app and use the app that has already been installed on the device?

there is. it’s pretty easy. select application id instead of file and identify by something like “com.app.mycoolapp”