Temporarily apply approval policy to prevent forum spammers

Dear all,

We have recently applied approval policy to prevent those forum spammers. During this period, your posts and comments will be reviewed and processed by our Katalon team before going live in the forum.
We’re working on a better solution for the spamming issue and will update to you guys as soon as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Katalon Team.

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Hope you guys will find soon a proper solution.
Until then, perhaps adding a notification ‘Your post is pending approval’ after the user hit’s the Post button will help?
I see a lot of duplicated posts appearing, I was a bit confused too this morning, before to read this announcement (couldn’t understand why my message is not posted)

There is a notification in the lower left corner, but I guess it isn’t very noticable.

I do support every efforts by you, Katalon Team, and support new approval policy. However let me note a few points as memorandum, for future improvements.

Until the end of November, I received everyday a few notifications triggered by comments by others to those discussions which I have ever commented on. Since the early this week, I receive none. As you, Katalon team, are already aware of, this Form has become less active; we have fewer number of comments to each discussions.

I believe, it is because the Notification system has become deaf. Without the notification system working properly, it is very difficult to respond quickly to all of the questions raised as comments by members addressed to me.

Yesterday I posted a new discussion titled “Why changes of LastRun info in a *.ts file conflict — how to prevent it”. When I posted it I saw the “your input will be displayed after approval” message. Today, my post has not yet be appearing in the Recent Discussion list. So I am wondering if my post is still held in the to-be-approved list, or is nowhere.

I want to see the to-be-approved list of outstanding posts (new discussions, new comments) created by myself. Currently the Forum display does not provide it. I want it.

Dear all,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We’re moving to the new forum next week, so bear with us in this meantime.

Thanks and Best regards,