Template snippets disappear after restarting Katalon studio


When I go to:
Window->Katalon Studio Preferences->Groovy->Editor->Groovy Templates
and I add a template, it works without any problems, and I can use template in my code. The problem is when I restart Katalon Studio, my template is gone. It doesn’t work in code and it is not visible in Window->Katalon Studio Preferences->Groovy->Editor->Groovy Templates

This is a really useful feature for me and I would really appreciate any info on how to fix this or find a workaround :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Ismar,
Thanks for your information. I’ve logged this one into our backlog and will be fixed in the next release.

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I was so happy when I saw new release of Katalon Studio, unfortunately this feature is still not working properly. I do hope that it is fixed in near future, because I really miss this feature

Hi Ismar,
This issue has been fixed latest release, please double check again and feel free feedbacks to make Katalon Studio better than.

It is working now :slight_smile: Thank you

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