TeamCity and Katalon Test Suite Collections

As described by @Harold_Owen, we have set up our TeamCity server to automate the running of our Katalon Tests, For more info on that, see TeamCity and Katalon Integration

Once we began using Test Suite Collections, we discovered that the “Katalon” HTML Reports tab that we created in TeamCity was no longer working. After investigating, we learned that Katalon generates individual timestamped folders to hold the Report results from each Test Suite that is run. TeamCity is unaware of this, and is expecting a single “Report.html” file to display the test results. Additionally, identifying the correct timestamped folder when searching for the reports for a single Test Suite within the Test Suite Collection was laborious, as it required opening each folder, inspecting the reports contained within.

We added a second step to the jobs that run our Test Suite collections to use PowerShell to make things easier to read and give TeamCity the single HTML file that it expects. This step automatically inspects the timestamped folders that Katalon generates an locates the “JUnit_Report.xml” file within each. From this file, it extracts the name of the Test Suite. It the pre-pends this Test Suite name to the timestamped folder.

Lastly, the script generates a very simple HTML document that contains links to the individual “Report.html” files within each Test Suite folder. This file is saved at the top level of the reports folder and allows TeamCity to populate the “Katalon” HTML Report tab.

Attached is the PowerShell script, which includes the TeamCity parameters.

One thing to note, the default behavior for the PowerShell step is to only run “If all previous steps finished successfully” - you may want to change that to “Even if some of the previous steps failed” to ensure your artifact folders are renamed and your Reports tab appears even if there are failures in the Test Suite Collection.

Katalon-Test-Suite-Step2.txt (892 Bytes)


Thanks @Scott_Stankus, this worked for us!