Take Snapshot not storing the image


I have added a step into our test cases to take a snapshot on demand using the WebUI keyword. The snapshot is taken and place in a folder that I designate.


  1. The screen shot is created
  2. The screen shot is not attached to the report.


  1. How to we automatically designate the report folder to the test folder for the test execution?
  2. How do we attach the image to the test execution report.
  3. I have exported as HTML and tried to send the results to Katalon Analytics. Unable to export as PDF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I found the issue. We work with both Windows and Mac and thus we need to build a custom piece of code to take the snapshot and store in an absolute location. We also would like to add the ability on taking a snapshot of resizing the image as the current image size is way to large.

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