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Testing efficiency is crucial for delivering high-quality software within the expected time frame. It requires a combination of skills, techniques, and tools, as well as close collaboration between the development and testing teams.


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My take on Testing efficiency:

Testing efficiency refers to the ability of a testing process to identify defects and issues in a software application quickly and accurately while optimizing resources, including time and effort. Achieving testing efficiency requires a combination of factors such as effective planning, test case design, test automation, and continuous feedback loops for improvement. Additionally, ensuring that the testing process is aligned with the software development lifecycle can lead to a more efficient and effective testing process. Overall, testing efficiency is essential to ensure high-quality software products while minimizing costs and time-to-marke

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Testing Efficiency:
Efficiency relates to speed, relates to saving time, relates to optimising things, but of these three things, the key area to make progress is in optimisations.

A focus on speed or time, as a primary objective, may sacrifice quality, whereas a focus on optimisation still actually means ensuring that you’re covering what you should be covering, and when you should be covering it.

This is where a focus on the current context of what is being tested is a way to better ensure that what you’re covering what is relevant to the area under test, too. This relevance is where people are able to filter down from testing everything to filtering (at least initially) just what applies to that area.

A user may still go back (and say prior to signing off or releasing) and then choose to cover more broadly other areas outside of the AUT, in order to identify any additional regressions, or the likes, but it is these other areas where the risk is lower, as the probability of regressions in these other areas is likely lower too.

In addition to the above, efficiencies can also be achieved through process improvements, where something is often not yet found to be in the right state for testing, or some other patterns of issues exist, then by putting in reformed or new processes in those areas better ensures that when the testing is performed, it is more likely to go more smoothly and efficiently too.




What makes testing effective in my opinion is that it is integrated into every stage of the development lifecycle. Efficiency depends on the involvement of all the actors of the agile team at each stage of the cycle, each contributing their stone to the building. We can see the test/quality as a chain whose robustness/effectiveness is measured by that of its “weakest” link. What makes the test effective is precisely that it is everyone’s business.

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Testing Efficiency means to me: Less financial invest in testing (time recalculated in money) than predicted costs (or loss of income) in case of bug appearance.




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