Tags Editor sometimes fails to appear

It seems someone has disabled the tags editing interface – changing tags is not possible at the moment.

@thuong.bui @vu.tran @vu.le @sara.leslie

Hi Russ,

I’m assuming that the “tag editing interface” you mentioned is like the one below where we can rename it, add synonyms, or even delete it altogether?

At the moment, this interface is only accessible to the admin, staff or moderators.

@thuong.bui could you reword that part to make it more clear? Thank you em!

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No. The one that appears at the top of the thread (first post). Weirdly, it seems to be working now.

No, wait. There is a problem. This post here needs the tags edited. When I tried, the tags editor didn’t appear. Then I started editing this post to show you a screenshot… then I clicked on the link above (“This post here”) to prepare the screenshot and the tags editor is present.

And now I can’t make it fail again. :confused:

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Here you go…

My own post:


FAIL (same post!)

Your post:

Your Post:


I have not been able to find out what triggers pass or fail. It seems to be random.