System hangs when we run API request

We are running 5000 API requests. 5 Test suites with every 1000 requests.

After some time system hangs and will never recover. We have to restart the machine. We are using i5 processor with 8 GB RAM. Could someone help me on this


check cpu and disk usage during runtime

Hi @Sudheer_D_J,
Please check your CPU and memory usage when executing the test suites. If possible, please share with us your project. You can send the project via email directly in this forum.

Thanks, if it is high what to do?

8GB of RAM is not impresive, given the size of your project (think that every api request has to be compiled in memory at runtime)
First, check your katalon.ini file and try to tune the xms and xmx values to allocate more resources to JVM.
You may have to consider also splitting the project in smaller testsuites and run them sequentially.

ok Thanks, will check the ini file and will run

don’t abuse it.
first try with 2g for xms and 4g for xmx.
if still issues, try to rise xms also to 4g to relax the garbage collector and reduce the cpu stress.
etc … during this tries keep an eye on taskmanager

Ok Ibus. Thanks for the reply