Synchronize profiles

As TestEngineer i’m working on dev environment defining global variables for test scenarios. Once project is good enought, i want to run tests on other environment.
I create new profile for that environment.
Profile is created with all existing variables without values so i need only to fill them according to environment.
My development continues so i create new global variables in profile for dev.
These new variables are automaticaly created without value in all other profiles i have defined.
This behaviour will ensure that no variable will be forgotten or set to wrong value. (no value is better in this case)
synchronization can be optional - after setting of synchronization, derived profiles can be locked for adding new variables. Only mastrer profile will allow this.


Hi Andrej,

Great suggestion. It might be helpful for other users as well. I will share your suggestion with the team for further discussion.

Thank you for choosing Katalon Studio,


The problem with the current GV/Profile setup is that they do not
support easy “CRUD” capabilities forcing us to work with them in the UI. They need to be fully programmable, online and offline for complete “command and control” operations. You know, proper “WebOps”.

It’s precisely for these reasons I’ve written my own pseudo GVs in a json file which I read in to a map at test suite startup. The json file can be copied/renamed, moved around via the OS/Jenkins etc and allows me to avoid using the Katalon UI completely.


I could have used it sooner, but better late than never.

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It’s a pain to keep in mind to syncronize manually the profiles, especially at the beginning of a new project where these and those settings need to be put at a global level.


It would also be nice to have the opportunity to create GlobalVariables that would be seen in all profiles.
For example, if I create an URL_LOGIN = ‘/core/login.php’ in a profile, that would be probabily be the same in all profiles, while the URL_HOST = ‘’ variable would change between different profiles.