Switch Katalon Studio from Selenium to Playwright

I recently discovered, that there is new framework for testing Web called Playwright. I did a decent research on the internet and found, that it really looks as a very promising framework. It has better internals than Selenium, so it is more reliable and faster.

Here, one guy explains why it is much better than Selenium:

So my question is, does Katalon Studio ever plan to start supporting Playwright as well?
It would be very good as there isn’t any good Testing Platform for Playwright yet. I found only codeceptjs, that can work with Playwright, but it looks very basic, so I would love to have Playwright here in Katalon.

There is Playwright for Java, so it wouldn’t be that hard to bring it here I guess :slight_smile:


Hi there @peter.hevesi,

It has been a while, we hope you are doing well!

We are seeing budding interest in Playwright within our community in the past couple of weeks. And even our product team is contemplating about Playwright support within the Katalon Platform itself!

We are currently running a survey where you could give our product team insight into your experiences with Playwright (or any other automation testing frameworks/tools) so that they could deliver better features and enhancements to you and other Katalon users! :sunglasses:

And did we mention that you could also win some exciting gifts from us after filling in the survey? :astonished: :gift:

:point_right: Learn more here

This is great sharing @peter.hevesi!!! I’m adding our product team member to this too @tri.tle

Hi @peter.hevesi, I’m Win, and I’m happy to read your great sharing about Playwright. If you are still interested in this topic about Playwright, we can have more conversations, your sharing is precious to us.

Definetly is not trivial.

Few things to mention:

  • Is a totally diferent framework compared to selenium
  • altough java bindings do exist, support for eclipse is non existent so to bring it in Katalon lot of stuff had to be written from scratch for the keywords to be recognized as Katalon does it now.
    Which ofcourse will lead into having duplicated sets of keywords

So, I will ruther see this as a new product.

I love the passion that it took for you to start exploring how different tools do different things.
There’s a ton of content out there these days on " This Tool vs. That Tool ". Just make sure you are doing your own proper full evaluation. Understand we are constantly evaluating our future partnerships and aligning roadmap as well.

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Dear @peter.hevesi,
Do you try to migrate from Katalon to playwright ? If yes do you find an easy way to do that ?

Hi @amadese,

I found a documentation which may be useful to you… :point_down:

If you believe that Playwright integration with the Katalon Platform is crucial to you, your team or your business’ needs, then we recommend you to create a topic in Feature Requests to voice your opinions! (You may not be the only one on the forum who want this integration to be possible) :wink:


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Do we have similar one for cypress?