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Hi, any plans to support Safari 12+?


Hi, any plans regarding supporting appium 1.9 +


What about the java version? please mention it too.


I’m a Desktop Engineer at a large financial looking for Install Instructions. Specifically what switches does your setup install support. In order to publish your app in our application catalog “SCCM Software Center” we need to make the install “unattended”. This is a pretty standard requirement for Enterprise ready apps. I tried Setup.exe /? but you don’t seem to support any switches or at least are not making them visible via /?. I can try and trap your install MSI and make it unattended that way by just calling that instead of your Setup.exe but then we don’t run any logic your Setup.exe might have cooked into it. Please advise … thx


There is no setup.exe. Katalon Studio is essentially a portable app.

  1. Unzip
  2. Run katalon.exe

So from your SCCM it’s probably just a delivery “push”.


does katalon 6.1.5 supports firefox version 69.


yes it does.


I have upgraded Firefox browser from 57 to 69, and now my script which was working fine has stopped working …error " not able to open browser" I suspect if it supports or if I have to upgrade my driver. Please help.


I used to work with Chrome for a long time. And will be happy to work further. Will it be there?


That’s a huge jump – are you using Firefox ESR? (Extended Service Release) But even that is supposed to be four releases if I remember correctly.

I think your shortest path to resolution is to uninstall Firefox and reinstall so you’re working from a fresh download.


Yes, Firefox was not installed properly, chcecked inside the program file folder for firefox, many files were missing …done re-installation and its resolved :slight_smile: