String of array in request body

Hi team,

How can I send array of string in request body

here is the json:{
“name”: “New Home”,
“address”: “EN-58, EN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, India”,
“place_id”: “place#1”,
“coordinate”: {
“type”: “Point”,
“coordinates”: [“88.43135”, “22.57336”]

and I am using array in the body like this:

String body = (((((((((‘{ “name”: "’ + name) + ‘", “address”: "’) + address) + ‘", “place_id”: "’) + place_id) +
‘“, “coordinate”: {“type”: ') + type) + '”, “coordinates”: ["’) + lat + ‘", "’ + lng) + ‘"]}’

but when I execute the code its having error.I am sure that I am not sending write parameter on body that’s why I am getting error.So please guide me how can I use array of string in request body.

Thank you team.

why don’t you produce the json from a groovy collection with the right structure? see:

Thank you Ibus for your reply…
Actually this is the only method which I know in rest API Testing. I have seen the link which you have provided but still I am confuse how can I apply it ? Can you please give me real time scenarios by automating any API.