Stress with Katalon Studio

Hi, I need to make a stress testing for the performance of an API.
Is it possible with Katalon?

I’ll very much appreciate your help.

In the formal, academic sense, no. But with the full power of Groovy/Java code at your disposal, it is possible to write a script that performs something very similar.

I don’t do stress testing (server support is not our industry) but I do perform pulse/telemetry tests checking site availability over extended periods which works fine.

@ThanhTo @duyluong it would be nice to see a threaded API made available allowing N-calls to callTestCase() to run in parallel. I would make use of it and maybe others would, too. If there’s something in the runtime that could be used, I’d like to see it.


Thanks for your report guys, we are looking into performance and stress testing. Will definitely let you know if there’s any plan or update !

Specifically to API testing, currently Katalon provides ways to configure the maximum request timeout as well as size. I imagine a way to do performance testing is to first specify the maximum timeout you’re willing to accept, then add lots of API object calls to test suites and them to test suite collection, then execute them in parallel to see at which number of API object calls does the timeout becomes unacceptable.

Of course this sounds like a lot of work, but it may be of interest.

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why don’t simply use jmeter for such?
stress testing falls under load testing category.
katalon it is mainly designed for functional testing.
it is like you would like to use Postman for such because you are already familiar with it for API testing.
such thinking usually creates more problem then it solves.
use dedicated tools for dedicated scope.